Hi – I’m Emily from sunny San Diego

June 27, 2016

Because Sometimes…All It Takes is a Pair of Pants

Hi – I’m Emily from sunny San Diego – runner, hiker, yogi and pretty much

always spotted in leggings.


I have notoriously always struggled with confidence. I have been running for 10+

years, but honestly haven’t always felt like a “true” runner. I lacked the

stereotypical body of a runner and was never shaped like any girl on my track

and cross-country teams. Rather than thin, graceful legs, I had thick, muscular

thighs and a curvy backside. For years, I believed girls who were thin and fast

were “true” runners, while I was just someone who ran…a lot.

Not only did I lack confidence towards my body, I was timid and painfully shy. I

liked to remain in the background – wearing all black when I ran so as not to

draw attention to me. Like I said, the confidence struggle was real.

As I grew older, sure, my confidence levels went up. But, I was still missing that


Upon joining November Project SD, I was drawn in by one of my friends’ leggings

– patterned, vibrant, and flattering…the complete opposite of my plain black

leggings and grey shoes.

As someone always on the hunt for new (and flattering) leggings, I decided to

take a leap and break out from my normal black attire and snag a pair of Zayze

Sugar Skull leggings after chatting with this friend about how much she loved

When I put these on, it was love at first fit. The pants’ wide waistband didn’t fall

while I ran, the legs compressed all the right areas without being too tight, and

my thighs and butt looked fantastic! I felt stylish and incredibly fit and strong! I felt

like a runner – proud of my strong body and proud of my speed.

More than that, the vibrant pattern had me feeling fun and like I was ready (and

willing) to step into the spotlight! I wanted to be show these off and be seen! How

can you not with pants this loud and proud?!

You could say confidence levels went up…because, sometimes, all you need is

great fitting and fun pair of pants.

Find this pair of Sugar Skull leggings here:

https://www.zayze.com/collections/leggings/products/sugar-skull- leggings


Size Chart



Fits sizes

Inseam Legth

Tono a Tono

Small 0-6

full length 25"

capri 20 3/4"


Medium 8-10

full length 25"

capri 20 3/4"


Large 12-16

full length 25"

capri 20 3/4"

Sadhana S/M 00-6

full length 25"

capri 15 1/2"

M/L 8-10

full length 25"

capri 15 1/2"

L/XL 12-16

full length 25"

capri 15 1/2"


If you are a size 6, you can size up to a medium if you are more of a pear shape.  If you have issues with your pants slipping while exercising, stick with the small (S/M).